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From behind the bar, as we’re conceiving cocktails and washing glassware, some guests pour out the intimacies of their lives before we even learn their names. The best of us can lend a sympathetic ear to one customer while quickly and skillfully producing an endless assortment of cocktails for everyone else. The next time we see the guest who needed to talk, he may be a little embarrassed about his earlier confessions, but if we pour his favorite poison before he asks and hand it to him with a smile, we will see him again and again... Jeff Hollinger & Rob Schwartz Absinthe Bar ­2006
What really sets great bars apart are two major factors: service and mixology. Wonderful drinks can be served in a mediocre way and the experience will not be remembered fondly. However, a drink of quality served with courtesy, efficiency and a sense of humour will be...Allan Gage ­ 2006

Hire the attic bar for your private function

Functions we cater for

Here at Franklyn's we can cater for all types of functions and events, be it a birthday celebration or a business meeting.

Feel free to get in touch and a member of our management team will contact you as soon as possible

*Please note we do not cater for 18th or 21st birthday parties

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